Our online store is officially open for business! All of our in-store stock is linked directly with our online store!

We also have a couple of extra awesome features!

1. You can create an Online Store Account!

You can now create an online store account to keep track of orders. You can also see your stock notifications mentioned in this post!

2. Out of Stock? Get Re-stock Notifications!

You can signup for re-stock notifications with your email address! No account required!

3. Online Transfer Membership Sign-up

You can now signup for PCFA’s Club Member and Ultra Memberships, giving you even better transfer rates.

4. Firearm Purchases – Local Pickup Option Only for Now

Firearm purchases on our website are restricted to local pickup only. We can ship to another FFL as long as you give us a call and pre-pay over the phone the cost of shipping.

Bugs Expected:

Despite all this, do expect some bugs and kinks in the system. There are some we are already aware of and are currently working on! If you encounter any problem with your purchase or issues with your account. Email us at sales@portfirearms.com, and we will get back to you asap!


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