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Our family owned & operated Retail Store is here to serve you and all of your needs! We have a great selection of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and NFA items like silencers!

Professional Services
(Coming Soon)

Coming soon, our business will offer numerous professional services. Gunsmithing, laser engraving, cerakoting and Firearms Training just to name a few!

Online Store

Visit Port Firearm’s fully featured online retail store! Every product we sell in store is available online. See what’s in stock before anyone else.

Visting our Retail Store:

Excellent Customer Service

Our firearms store is about serving you and your family. The first thing you should notice when entering our store is our staff’s friendly and welcoming atmosphere. If you walk in and don’t get service with a smile, you’re at the wrong store!

Firearms, Ammunition, NFA, Parts…

Our store we use every bit of space we can! We carry most of the popular brands and some unique ones, including local and veteran owned manufactures. We are a Class 3 dealer so we deal in Silencers, Short Barrel Rifles and Shotguns. We also have many different brand parts and parts kits! We also participate in special discount programs for Active & Retired LEO and Military purchasers!

See an Overview of Our Retail Store (Video Coming Soon)

Watch an Overview of Port Firearms Professional Services (Video Coming Soon)

Professional Services (coming Soon)

Custom to the MAX!

Coming Soon – Port Firearms will offer professional gunsmithing and customization services! We offer Laser Engraving on firearms and certain magazines! We offer Cerakoting on almost anything that can handle the process, including polymer firearms! We also have a complete hydro-dipping station, offering unique but durable finish that you would expect from a professional application.

Firearms Training

Coming Soon – Port Firearms offer’s firearms training classes that are industry standard, but beyond that we genuinely care about every student. We want every firearm owner to be a reasonably armed American! Check out our section on Firearms classes to learn more!

Our Inventory!

Make’s all the difference! Here is just few brands we carry:

Your Firearm Transfer’s Shouldn’t Cost You and Arm and a Leg!

At Port Firearms, we make our transfer rates lower then the competitors because its part of what makes internet purchasing more costly (besides shipping)!

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