About us

Grass Roots

The Seaman Family has always had two loves, boating and shooting. It was decided we would branch out to our other passion! We see the need for more wholesome firearm stores. Our focus is on making online transfers easier, and in-person transactions swift and easy, and with experienced help & expertise for our customers!

Our Family:

At Port Firearms, we strive to make or employees feel like they are at home! Our blood, sweat, and tears are what make this place special!

Kenneth Dylan Houck


 Kenneth “Dylan” is the Owner/Manager of PCFA. He loves technology, firearms, and combining the two! He spends most of his free time that he can with his family. Kenneth is a Certified USCCA Instructor in Concealed Carry and Home Defense.

Michael Butler

Store Manager

Michael is the Store Manager at PCFA. Michael loves fishing and his family always comes first. A natural at dog training, he is best known for his resounding work training K9s for multiple local, state, and federal government agency’s. Michael knows his stuff and it shows!

Nancy Anderson

Bookkeeper & Internet Sales Manager

Nancy is the primary Bookkeeper for PCFA. She also is the one who keeps you up to date with any online store orders. Nancy is Dylan’s Fiancée and spends most of her free time making sure Alex (toddler son) is not getting into to much trouble.



Alexander is the best of the best because he knows just how to put a smile on everyone’s face. He consistently makes his Mother and Father proud.