Thank You for Your Service!

Port Firearms thanks all those who protect and serve our community.

LEO/Military/First Responder Programs

  • Active or retired Federal, State, County or City Law Enforcement with official agency credentials
  • Active duty and retired Military with valid military identification
  • Active and retired Reservists and National Guard with valid military identification
  • 100% Service Connected Disabled Military Veterans
  • Court Officers with official agency credentials or official documentation
  • Corrections officers, including Parole and Probation Officers
  • EMT’s, firefighters, volunteer firefighters and paramedics
  • Federal/State/County/City Judges, Prosecutors, Coroners with official agency credentials
    or official documentation
  • State licensed armed security officers
  • Police cadets currently enrolled in their respective police academies

Port Firearms participates in numerous First Responder programs. Your discounts may vary, but we do our best to ensure you are taken care of. Most discounts fall within the 2.5%-7.5% range. Firearms in specific programs qualify for extensive discounts.

You should qualify if you meet any of the listed requirements!

First Responder Firearms Program

Manufactures that have specialized programs