Thank You for Your Service! Port Firearms thanks all those who protect and serve our community. read more LEO/Military/First Responder Programs Active or retired Federal, State, County or City Law Enforcement with official agency credentials Active duty and retired Military with valid military identification Active and retired Reservists and National Guard with valid military identification […]
Our Retail Focus At Port Firearms, the retail store focuses on three central areas of business: Selling Firearms & Ammunition We pride ourselves in our selection and display of our firearms. Our store is tailor made to feel inviting and comfortable. We carry a wide range of manufactures of both firearms and ammunition. Read More […]
Retail Store Our family owned & operated Retail Store is here to serve you and all of your needs! We have a great selection of rifles, pistols, shotguns, and NFA items like silencers! Learn About Our Retail Store! Professional Services (Coming Soon) Coming soon, our business will offer numerous professional services. Gunsmithing, laser engraving, cerakoting […]